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We use tech to make everything work better for everyone who needs to use it.

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When you start to think about a new website, or new headshots, or a new video my first question will be, "Why?" and my second will be what makes you different from your competitors. Everything we'll create together is going to come back to those key answers.

Listen, we get it. Websites, hosting, domain names, logos, headshots... hiring a variety of freelance creatives to bring your vision together piece by piece can sometimes lead to disconnected results, unclear pricing, surprise fees, or worse, realizing you've hired the wrong type of creative and they can design the website but not build it.... the list goes on, and if you've felt this pain you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We're here to hold your hand. Not only can we design award-winning interfaces we can help connect you with every piece of technology you need to make your business work the way you've always dreamt it could. No ask is too big, what makes us unique is our ability to leverage technology to automate our tasks and yours.

We have an outrageous amount of knowledge in just about every area of design/marketing. From photography, video, animation, graphic design, UI/UX, digital marketing, SEO, keyword mapping, content marketing strategy, branding and business naming... the list goes on.

We've been doing this for over 10 years and we are absolutely OBSESSED with getting the experience just right. We create solutions so elegant you'll forget there was ever any other way to do it.

“When it looks so beautiful you want to use it, and so intuitive you feel like you've used it a hundred times, that's when you know you've got something.”
BrieAnna Patrick
Founder & Designer
10 years

Experience in Web Design and UI/UX

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9 years

Managed campaigns since 1994

4 years

You’ll find us in Melbourne & Sydney*

* Opening October 2019

Our Journey

First Project Launched

And it's still relevant and being used daily!
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Melbourne Office

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April 2015

It's Liv and Bee

From website builds, rebrands, new headshots and digital marketing, if you can dream it, we can build it and we'll be right here when you need us!

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